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Central to Pauline-missions is the public preaching of the Gospel of Jesus Christ; that is why Paul asked for boldness to preach the Gospel message when he carried out his mission work among the unevangelized.

Today there are still PNG people groups (also known as language groups), and villages within those people groups, that have never had a Gospel preacher come to them and declare that there is salvation from our sin in Jesus. According to what the Holy Spirit tells us in Romans, if people groups do not have the Gospel preached to them by a preacher, then they can never believe the Gospel and be saved from their sin. If sinners are to be saved, then the Gospel must be preached to them, and if the Gospel is to be preached to them, then someone must go preach to them. That is the task which God has called us to do in PNG; and it is the commission Jesus has given to all His followers.

So our aim and goal in gong to PNG is to discover and then target unevangelized people groups, preach the Gospel to them and then plant local churches among them. This is Pauline-missions in the New Testament; and our aim is to implement the missionary methods of Paul.

This is what our mission work in PNG is all about